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Proscenium Young Artists

A new offer for young opera singers

So you have decided to make classical singing and the stage your professional life? Congratulations! You have chosen an exciting and diversified path which can offer a lot of success and personal fulfillment.

But your chosen path will also present obstacles, distress and problems…
In order that you can try out things in a safe space…
In order that you can get professional counseling from specialists at a very early stage…

Proscenium has developed a new offer for you:

Proscenium Young Artists!

We turn to singers who have recently initiated their professional training, to those who are in the middle of their education or have just completed it and are making their first steps into their stage career.

What does Proscenium Young Artists provide?

Proscenium Artists Management is located and networking in the music capital Vienna, at the heart of European classical music production.

Furthermore Proscenium is part of an international community in the field of classical music and music theatre, consisting of opera companies, orchestras, music universities and varied other cultural institutions.

We do not only provide our own expert knowledge, but will also access a pool of highly and practically experienced specialists in order to cover all areas of expertise in which you might need help at the beginning of your singing career.

The most important features from our offer:

  • Comprehensive advice on your career opportunities and the path to choose
  • Evaluation, recommendation of and connecting with training opportunities and schools
  • Connecting with singing teachers
  • Collaboration with coaches and accompanists
  • Audition and performance training (with costs)
  • Awarding of a scholarship of the Proscenium Young Artists Excellence Program
  • Guidance with agencies and contracts

New Media and New Artist

Beyond the excellence of your artistic work, the way you present yourself and your offer to the experts has become more and more important. The most beautiful voice, the best singing technique is useless if nobody knows about it!

A professional CV, audio and video samples of high quality, a web page - all of this is essential right from the beginning of your career.

IIn collaboration with the internet platform, which we have participated in developing, Proscenium Young Artists provides you with a professional web page, tailor-made for classical stage artists, top quality for a low price.

  • Your Listing on the website of Proscenium Artists Management in a special „Proscenium Young Artist“ area
  • Your personal web page on with all the important information about you (CV, photos, repertoire, audio and video samples)

And beyond the web page?

Do you know how many audition requests and CVs arrive every single day on the desk of a Casting or Artistic Director? Far too many that you could afford to loose their attention through an ill conceived letter, a vague repertoire list or a confusing resume.

Proscenium Young Artists will help you to compose the necessary documents in a way that they are being noticed and match with who you are. Appealing, precise, clear and interesting!

  • Your professional resume – phrasing, editing, layout – in three languages (german, english, french)
  • Your repertoire list – selection, editing, layout
  • Portrait and full-length photos
  • YouTube-videos for your online presence
  • Audio recording as online samples or to forward them
  • Social Media presence (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram…)

With this proposal Proscenium Young Artists serves as your complete support for your first steps into your career. Our expert knowledge and the skills we pass on to you will form an experience base and a foundation for your whole career.