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Michael Brandstätter

Music theatre, with all its genres and forms, lies at the heart of my artistic work. As Deputy Chief Conductor at the "Staatstheater am Gärtnerplatz" in Munich, I bring to life musical theatre from all eras and genres.

Outside the world of opera, I am focusing my curiosity on the symphonic music of our time. The broad spectrum of aesthetics and musical languages fascinates me every day.

Over the past years, I have come across and studied hundreds of symphonic works by living composers. I do not want to keep this knowledge to myself but share it with others equally interested in the beauty of today's music. This is why I designed two projects dedicated to the discovery and promotion of contemporary orchestral music:

is a platform for orchestral music by living composers. nomus21 is based in Vienna, presents symphonic music online, and aims to become the center of a network that promotes new orchestral works all over the world. nomus21 is my dream of an innovative concert format for symphony orchestras. I offer to curate, rehearse, and perform hand-picked programs of music by living composers that are designed to perfectly resonate with the audience.

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