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The Vienna Opera Ball Orchestra

Authentic Viennese Sound:

The Vienna Opera Ball Orchestra is the authentic expression of what is called Viennese Sound – the unmistakingly true interpretation of Austrian music from the late 18th into the early 20th century. If one wants to enjoy the entertaining pleasure of Viennese waltzes or polkas or the melodies of the golden and silver era of the operetta, this is the orchestra to listen to.

New Year’s Concerts:

What the Philharmonic New Year’s Concert brings to a world wide TV-audiance of several millions only once a year, the Vienna Opera Ball Orchestra performs it all year round – through live concerts, all over the world and in a perfect style.

The Vienna Opera Ball:

The number one social event gave the orchestra its name, warrented by its outstanding musical „feeling“ for interpretation and by its huge repertoire. The Vienna State Opera hosts this glamorous night of music and dancing that takes place only once a year, and the orchestra is proud of a long list of top conductors like Andreas Spoerri (first guest conductor), Rudolf Bibl, Franz Bauer-Theussl, Alfred Eschwe, Herbert Mogg, Ennio Morricone, Ola Rudner, Edgar Seipenbusch, Placido Domingo and Uwe Theimer (also the orchestra’s artistical leader).

A Huge Repertoire:

The orchestra, created specifically to preserve the Viennese classic traditions, treasures the works of the great composers, of W.A.Mozart, of Johann Strauss father and sons and of Joseph Lanner, Carl M. Ziehrer, Franz Lehar, Emmerich Kalman and many others. It is a special pleasure for the members of the Vienna Opera Ball Orchestra to convey its musical message to a large audience in many countries.

A World Success:

Few orchestras may have such a record of successful world tours. The Vienna Opera Ball Orchestra performed in 34 different countries, e.g. all European capitals, in many cities in Japan, Korea, India, the Americas as well as in Arabia and North Africa. Each and every concert has been a success, and people in Nagasaki, Oslo, Jakarta, Tunis and Beijing gave standing ovations to this great performers of unique Austrian livestyle. Following the needs of the organizers, the Vienna Opera Ball Orchestra adapts to special requirements , as to the programme and its size (grand symphony orchestra, grand waltz orchestra, waltz ensemble, soloist ensemble). More than 30 CDs bear witness of the orchestra’s wide repertoire.

More than 30 CDs prove the universalism and the repertoire diversity.