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Valeriy Antonyuk

Valeriy Antonyuk was born in 1979. He is Ukrainian composer, arranger, pianist, multiinstrumentalist, rock-pop singer, song poet and songwriter. He works in all the existing musical genres, composes music for different instrument bodies.

He plays Ukrainian flutes, Moldova cimbalom, classic guitar, electric guitar, drums, bass guitar.

Valeriy began to be engaged in music at age 5 as pianist. At age 12 he felt the desire to compose music and during two years he composed his first works, namely: cycle of 5 piano preludes “Imitating Prokofiev”, sonata for flute solo “Dedication to Debussy”, 3 treatments of Ukrainian folk songs for mixed choir acappella, “Nocturne” for string quartet in memory of Gustav Mahler.

The first lessons of composition Valeriy got in 1993-1997 from coryphaeus of Ukrainian classic music composer Vitaliy Kireyko, the author of cult national opera “Forest song” and ballet “Shadows of forgotten ancestors”. In 1998 Valeriy Antonyuk passed the exams excellently and joined Tchaikovsky National Music Academy of Ukraine, Chair of Composition and Orchestration. In 2003 he graduated Tchaikovsiy NMAU under supervision of Prof. Gennadiy Lyashenko from whom Valeriy learned the complete course of composition bases in different composer techniques of XX-es century, the courses of polyphony and orchestration. His diploma work “The sounding is present” was the result of his 5 year training. This 20-minute piece for full symphony orchestra was brilliantly performed in the Big recording studio of National radio company of Ukraine by its orchestra under the direction of conductor Vyacheslav Blinov. This work was distinguished by the head of Composition department, world known composer Yevhen Stankovych as mature distinctive music in which original orchestration and bold unique form are felt.

In 2004 – 2008 he was a post-graduate student there, instructor in composition and orchestration - Prof. Gennadiy Lyashenko. His piano teacher in NMAU was Prof. Yuriy Gluschenko.

Valeriy Antonyuk has a good experience of collaboration with world known production music libraries such as Sonoton, Manhattan Production Music, Sound Ideas, Fable Music, Epitome Music, Jingle Punks.

He composed music to three feature TV films “Red Lotus”, “Bread Day”, “Snake Is Creeping” produced by Star Media /, music to documentary “Black Sea Navy” 1941-1944 produced by producer centre, to short feature films “Who Is Tanya”, “She Called him Idiot”.

Valeriy participates constantly in world known Ukrainian international festivals of modern music such as “Kyiv Music Fest”, “Musical Premiers Of The Season”, “Kyiv Musical Premiers”, “Contrasts”.

His symphony pieces have been recorded to the library of Ukrainian National Broadcasting Company by Ukrainian Radio Symphony Orchestra. Among these pieces are well known to Ukrainian listeners: Cantata in five parts on the lyrics by F.G. Lorca for soprano and symphony orchestra (recorded in 2005), Piano Concert (recorded in 2007), Four Songs on the lyrics by V. Stus for soprano and symphony orchestra (recorded in 2008). These three works were recorded under the direction of a conductor Victoria Zhadko. Moreover Cantata in four parts on the lyrics by A.S. Pushkin for soprano and symphony orchestra , Symphony №2 “Fanfare” were recorded in 2011 and 2012 correspondently under the direction of Chief conductor and Art director of orchestra of Ukrainian Radio Symphony Orchestra Volodymyr Sheiko. Valeriy Antonyuk collaborates also with National Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine (conductors Volodymyr Sirenko, Natalia Ponomarchuk), Symphony Orchestra of the National Philharmonic of Ukraine (conductor Myroslav Skoryk), State Academic Variety-symphony Orchestra of Ukraine (conductor Mykola Lysenko), Bulgarian Film Orchestra (conductor Gregor Narholz), Georgian Philharmonic Orchestra (conductor – Nikoloz Rachveli), Madeira Classical Orchestra (conductor Pablo Urbina), The National Chamber Ensemble “Kyiv Soloists” (viola player Alexander Lagosha), Chamber Orchestra of Mykolaiv Regional Philharmonic "ARS-NOVA", conductor - Victoria Zhadko, String Quartet «Archi», String quartet «Collegium», Chamber Choir “Credo” (conductor Bogdan Plish), Academic Chamber Choir “Kreschatic” (conductor Pavlo Struts’), Italian bass clarinetist virtuoso Fabrizio Bardelli, pianist Dmitry Pivnenko, guitarist Anastasiia Tsarikova, guitarist Oleksii Korolkov, Russian-Germany pianist Anna Sutyagina. Valentina Antonyuk, famous Urainian singer (lyric-dramatic soprano), professor of Tchaikovsiy NMAU, is the first performer and bright propagandist of her son Valeriy Antonyuk music.

Valeriy Antonyuk’s works include symphonic, choral, chamber (vocal and instrumental) pieces for soloists and instrumental ensembles, orchestral miniatures. Altogether about 700 pieces. Besides, 30 songs on his own Ukrainian, Russian and English lyrics and arrangements in different modern styles such as rock, pop-rock, brit-pop, etc.

He is a member of National Composer Union of Ukraine (2004), member of performing rights societies BMI (2008), MCPS (2009).

He is a laureate of International Prokofiev Composer Competition, Ukraine (2000) for «Theme & Six Transformation For Piano Quintet», laureate of famous Ukrainian composer Levko Revutsky prize (2010) for achievements in composer creative work, laureate of Kyiv Mayor prize for gifted youth (2012) for contribution to development of Kyiv city. Valeriy won also Grand Prise of the II-nd competition "Solospiv" ( music in cinema) of the VIII-th Kiev international festival of documentary films "Kinolytopis-2009". Among many awards he received for his music works, particularly important are outstanding Ukrainian composer Boris Lyatoshinsky award in 2018 for his Symphony no. 7 “Masquerade Of Not Seen Dreams”, dedicated to innocent victims of wars and terror.

In year 2017 Valeriy Antonyuk signed an exclusive agreement with Japanese classical music publisher Da Vinci Edition for the publication of his major symphonic works, chamber and choral works: In year 2018, with the same company, under Da Vinci Classics label, he was published the first volume of CD of him Symphonic and Vocal-Symphonic works ( with National Radio Company of Ukraine Symphony Orchestra and the National Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine

In year 2015 Valeriy Antonyuk signed an exclusive agreement with American classical music publisher Lorenz Music for the publication of his pieces for solo organ.

In year 2016 Valeriy Antonyuk signed an exclusive agreement with American classical music publisher Alea Publishing for the publication of his pieces for bass clarinet solo, clarinet quartet, bass clarinet with piano and string orchestra.